Bond Set at $100,000


 Bond Set at $100,000

Police reported on Friday that they nabbed a suspect in two rapes on Friday and got a partial confession. But they said one of the victim’s is having a tough time recalling some of the facts, and that has police wondering whether there are more suspects.


Baton Rouge Police say a man wanted for rape and second degree kidnapping has been arrested.  Police say Isai Efrain Garcia-Vasquez, 22, of Baton Rouge, “took his victims from a local bar located in the Tigerland area, to a remote location and raped them while they were incapacitated.”

Police believe Isai Vasquez, 22, is behind at least two rapes that happened within less than a year. More recently, on June 8, 2014 they said a female reported that after a night out at a bar in Tigerland she wandered across the street onto East Boyd Avenue where a man asked if she needed a ride home. According to police, he took her to a local BREC park.

According to the police report, “The victim made an attempt to flee on foot but he ran the victim down, dragging her back to the side of his vehicle where he forced her to the ground and forced her to have sex with him.”

Five days later police said a detective working extra duty on East Boyd Avenue saw a man and car fitting the victims’ description “passing back and forth numerous times.” BRPD spokesman Don Coppola said the officer made the connection and brought Vasquez in for questioning.

“This is a case he was very familiar with from a year ago along with the sheriff’s office case which just recently happened, the similarities between the two. He was thinking it may have been the same guy,” Coppola said.

Coppola said through DNA the Louisiana State Police crime lab was able to link Vasquez to the reported rape that happened on July 8, 2013.

In that case, the alleged victim reported she left a bar in Tigerland and accepted a ride from “three unknown white males.” In that case, the victim reported she was taken to this levee in St. Gabriel where she was drug out of the car from the back seat. One of the passengers then forced her to have sex with him against her will. However, Coppola said detectives working the case believe there was never more than one suspect involved.

“She had been drinking so it’s uncertain at this time if that is true, that there was more than one person in the car,” Coppola said.

Detectives said while Vasquez confessed to the 2014 incident, he denied having anything to do with the 2013 case. He is charged in both cases.

Vasquez is charged with two counts each of kidnapping and rape.

His bond has been set at $100,000.

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