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Slidell LA Trucking Accident Attorney

Slidell LA Trucking Accident Attorney

If you are the victim of a trucking accident in Slidell, Louisiana the question of who is responsible and what actually caused the accident are often much more complicated than in a simple traffic accident. Louisiana trucking accident attorneys can work with you to understand the common reasons for trucking accidents, and the relationships among the persons and entities connected to the truck, the trailer, and the load. The Law Offices of L. Clayton Burgess will help you determine whether you have a valid claim and how your case will be presented. We have 7 locations throughout Louisiana to serve you.  Call us today to set up a free consultation to discuss your case.  Call toll-free (877) 234-7573

Common Causes of Truck Accidents

There are many causes for semi truck accidents but some of the most common causes are:

  • Driver Fatigue
  • Substance Abuse
  • Speeding
  • Failure to adhere to the rules of the road
  • Failure to properly maintain trucks
  • Improperly loaded trucks or cargo shifting / Illegal, over-sized loads
  • Under-inflated tires
  • Over-height trucks attempting to pass under low overpasses or bridges
  • Pilot/Escort Vehicle Operator (P/EVO) error
  • Trucks following other traffic too closely

Laws Governing Truck Accidents

Federal laws and regulations govern the trucking industry. These laws establish certain standards that trucking companies, owners, and drivers must meet, and often determine who is responsible for a trucking accident.

When it comes to truck accidents, there may be many involved responsible for a victim’s injuries. It is very important to get advice or representation from a Louisiana trucking accident lawyer. Contact the Law Offices of L. Clayton Burgess to discuss your rights after a trucking accident in Louisiana. If our lawyers do not collect money damages for you, you don’t owe an attorney fee. We don’t get paid unless we successfully recover compensation for you and your family.

Those injured in trucking accidents may be entitled to recover compensation for damages suffered as a result of the accident, including, but not limited to, lost work wages, hospital bills, and physical/emotional trauma, but it often requires an experienced accident lawyer to fight for the compensation you deserve.

When trucking companies fail to meet their responsibilities, the trucking accident lawyers at the Law Offices of L. Clayton Burgess respond by aggressively seeking restitution for victims who have been seriously damaged by the company’s’ negligence and disregard for safety. We have successfully represented numerous individuals in obtaining compensation after accidents involving commercial trucks.

In 2015, 96 injuries were reported, 8 fatalities, as a direct result of 164 trucking accidents. Compare to:

2014, 147 people were injured as a direct result of 176 trucking accidents in St. Tammany Parish, Louisiana. There were 4 fatalities involving commercial trucks.

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The Louisiana trucking accident attorneys at the Law Offices of L. Clayton Burgess have the refined skill and lengthy litigation experience necessary to handle many kinds of personal injury claims, including automobile accidents, trucking accidents, commercial vehicle accidents, workplace accidents, toxic torts, products liability, birth injuries, and brain injuries, among many others. The circumstances surrounding any accident claim can oftentimes be complex, which leads to great difficulty determining who is liable for resulting damages.

Our personal injury attorneys handle many kinds of personal injury claims, including car accidents, trucking accidents, bus accidents, offshore accidents, brain injuries and wrongful death claims. It takes an experienced personal injury attorney to oversee your claim and fight for just compensation in a court of law.

If you or a loved one have suffered a personal injury in Slidell, Louisiana, or have been injured in a motor vehicle accident, contact the Louisiana truck accident attorneys at the Law Office of L. Clayton Burgess today!  
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